Capturing emotions. Telling youR stories. together.

Antoine Daures   Black White Portrait

After a career working in the bike industry as an engineer, then a communicator and a self-employed frame-builder, I am now a professional adventure photographer, storyteller and freelance writer based somewhere between Iceland and France. I also guide Mountain bike and Gravel trips on the island. 

I am primarily focused on bike and mountain bike photography. Those were my first passions and they brought me to first press a shutter button ten years ago.  Capturing sport actions and telling adventure stories was the starting point of my journey through photography.

As a former custom bike builder - who had to document his production process - I am also devoted to documenting craftsmanship and lifestyle that are related to outdoor sports, mountains or nature.

I have worked with brands, magazines and event promoters internationally.

Feel free to work with me in French, English or Spanish.